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Understanding your health

At MYO Men's Health, we understand the unique health concerns and needs that men face, and our goal is to empower you to achieve optimal health and vitality. Whether you're seeking guidance on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), treatment for erectile dysfunction, or management of chronic conditions, our team is here to offer expert medical advice and support every step of the way.

Explore our FAQ section below to find answers to commonly asked questions about our services, treatments, and approach to men's health. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your journey to improved health starts here at MYO Men's Health.

  • What is Myo Men’s Health?
    Myo Men’s Health is a clinic for men seeking to improve their overall wellness, physical health, and sexual potential. We provide physician-led, patient tailored medical diagnosis, initial treatment, and continuity of care. Appointments are offered during the evenings and on weekends to accommodate your availability and busy schedule. While we are comfortable caring for a variety of conditions, our primary focus for most clients is on hormone optimization and allowing the man to feel like a whole man once again.
  • Does the clinic accept or require insurance payment?
    Currently, we do not accept insurance payments or co-payments. However, your insurance may be utilized for tests that will help ensure the best care possible, such as laboratory work or imaging studies if needed. Insurance can also be used for obtaining prescription medications. The prices listed on our website, or discussed with our team, reflect the costs of services rendered by Myo Men’s Health. You do not need to have insurance to book an appointment with us.
  • Does everyone qualify for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)?
    Your diagnosis of low testosterone will be based on many factors, including lab results, symptoms, physical exam, and other medical conditions you may have. While low testosterone is vastly underdiagnosed and we are strong advocates for this treatment, not everyone will meet diagnostic criteria for the treatment. Other treatments or lifestyle modifications will be discussed if applicable.
  • Can you explain the payment structure and cancellation policy?
    Full payment is requested before the visit for all visit types except the TRT visit. You can change or reschedule your appointment anytime. Cancelling under 24 hours will result in no refund unless there is a medical emergency and proof of emergency is required. A $100 deposit is required to secure your appointment with Dr. Alcazar when establishing care for TRT. This deposit helps to facilitate transmittal of orders to the lab facility, which you will need to have completed and resulted prior to the visit. The remaining balance will be charged at the completion of the visit – if doctor and patient both agree TRT is the best treatment option.
  • Are labs required for all visits?
    No, only the testosterone clinic visits require labs before the appointment. For visits designed to treat other conditions, advance labs or studies will be discussed with you prior to the appointment.
  • How often do clinic visits have to be for ongoing testosterone treatment?
    Myo Men’s Health requires that you meet with Dr. Alcazar every 3 months for the first 12 months to ensure your low-testosterone symptoms are improving, necessary medication adjustments are addressed, and to maintain a high level of surveillance for potential side effects. Testosterone labs will be required before the first appointment, and prior to month 3, 6, 9, and 12 appointments. If your body has adjusted well to the dosing after 12 months, then we can discuss changing your follow ups to less frequent intervals.
  • Are there other non-injectable testosterone delivery methods?
    Yes, there are other methods of delivery such as lozenges or creams. However, we feel that these have lower efficacy than injections. Myo Men’s Health does not prescribe non-injectable testosterone as part of TRT.
  • What is the role of insurance for treatment?
    Insurance companies do not conventionally cover the cost of testosterone treatment. They do, however, often help cover medication costs to treat conditions attributed to low testosterone as well as side effects from testosterone treatment (which are often easily and reversibly addressed). There are several compounding pharmacies that offer pharmacy-grade, pure medication at different, but reasonable prices.
  • Where is the testosterone medication made?
    We strongly believe the quality of the medication you consume matters. Purchasing medications from friends or acquaintances often result in medications manufactured in other countries, which can have impurities, be falcified, or can be dangerous. The pharmacies we recommend, and will transmit orders to, are US based with medications made in the USA. This makes receiving safe, trackable medication fast and easy.
  • Is fertility affected by TRT? What about testicular size?
    TRT will impact your quantity of sperm and testicular size when starting therapy. This can be exacerbated those who do not dose the medication as prescribed or have utilized anabolic steroids. However, supplementing TRT with the prescription medication Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) can aid with maintaining fertility and testicular size. This medication is another hormone naturally produced in the body. Our emphasis on preserving fertility and testicular health sets Myo Men’s Health apart from other online and local prescribers that don’t incorporate HCG into TRT regimens when appropriate.
  • Is it possible to bundle clinic visits, such as one visit to address TRT, PrEP and ED?
    Yes, we are happy to bundle your visits to make your clinic appointment with Dr. Alcazar as efficient and beneficial for you as possible. To accommodate this, please please book a PRIMARY CARE APPOINTMENT and feel-free to add the description of desired service prior to arrival. Labs will be required if seeking TRT in the bundle.
  • Will Myo Men’s Health Provide testosterone-injection teaching?
    Absolutely, we are happy to provide teaching for the injections as we want you to always practice hygienic injection practices.
  • What does enrollment in the primary care program mean?
    This option is for someone seeking a primary care provider (PCP). If you are dissatisfied with your current PCP or do not currently have a PCP then Myo Men’s Health is ready to fill that role for you. Everyone NEEDS a PCP they trust!
  • Are Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Medications safe?
    Yes! These medications are generally well tolerated. The most common side effects most men experience with oral ED medications are related to decreased blood pressure, leading to flushing, dizziness, nausea, or feeling faint. If ED treatment is right for you, we will start you on a low dose medication (or continue your current dose of medication) and carefully titrate to safely achieve results. For some patients, the side effects of oral ED medications are poorly tolerated. In this case, an intra-penile injection (TriMix) may be appropriate.
  • Will Myo Men’s Health teach me how to do TriMix injections?
    A brochure will be provided along with your prescription. If further teaching is needed, you will be asked to sign a procedure consent, where Dr. Alcazar shows you in a private, HIPAA-compliant space how to inject your penis with the medication.
  • Are ED medications covered by insurance?
    Often, these medications are not covered, or poorly covered by insurance companies. There are clever ways to work around the issue but can be labor-intensive. The commonly suggested course of action is to download the ‘GoodRx’ app, and they offer the medications at very reasonable prices in local pharmacies.
  • Why is the Physical Therapy Referral a needed service?
    Texas’s Direct Access Law allows individuals to consult a physical therapist without a physician referral for 15 days. A physician’s referral is necessary for those patients needing extended therapy beyond 15 days. Myo Men's Health is happy to forward your referral to any therapy center. However, we have established a partnership with a reputable local performance physical therapist whose approach emphasizes a comprehensive biomechanical perspective rather than merely targeting the site of pain.
  • Does Myo Men’s Health offer private space for your visits?
    Yes, we offer only HIPPA-compliant communication within the EMR, and your visit will follow standard regulations.
  • Is there a streamlined process for lab collection?
    Myo Men’s Health has partnered with LabCorp to integrate your labs into the EMR. Once, you pay for your visit, Dr. Alcazar will send orders to LabCorp. You can book your own appointment with their system online. Lab are generally well-covered by insurance plans, but lab payments are ultimately patient responsibility.
  • What if I want to use another lab center such as CPL, LabQuest
    Myo Men’s Health will provide you with a printed order form to take and you can call them to schedule your appointment based on your schedule. Labs need to be received by Dr. Alcazar before your visit. We also know the names of some self-pay labs we can work with as well.
  • Can you summarize the flow or expectations to make my appointments go smoothly and timely?
    Yes! First, create a profile on the patient portal, and request an appointment date and time. Once your profile is created, try to fill out as much personal and medical history as able, review clinic policies carefully. After your profile is created, please pay the appreciate fee from the website. Upon payment confirmed, Dr. Alcazar will approve your slot in the calendar. If labs are needed prior to a visit, please indicate which lab you would like to have orders sent, electronic orders can easily be sent to Labcorp, otherwise paper orders will be needed (which can be picked up from the clinic). Your in-person encounter will proceed as it would with any other medical practice: collection of vital signs, discussion of issues with Dr. Alcazar, focused physical exam, and generation of treatment plan to include prescriptions, appropriate treatments and teaching.
  • How does communication work between me and my doctor?
    This is an after-hour medical practice so the use of communication primarily through the health portal is recommended. You can also text the business number or send an email if it’s a non-medical question (these avenues are not HIPPA compliant) Dr. Alcazar will return phone calls and voicemails predominantly in the afternoon or evening. Expect 4-12 hours delay in response times.
  • What if I need a doctor emergently?
    Please call 911 immediately and if desired, you can continue to communicate updates via your portal with Dr. Alcazar.
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