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Testosterone Replacement Therapy & Hormone Titration

Unlocking Your Full Potential with Personalized Hormone Therapy

Our TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) and Hormone Titration services are tailored to address imbalances and deficiencies in hormone levels, ensuring you achieve optimal health and vitality. Through personalized treatment plans, we strive to enhance mood, muscle mass, libido, memory, endurance, and overall well-being. With our expertise in internal medicine and special interest in male endocrinology , we offer comprehensive assessments and safe, effective therapies to help you reclaim your vitality and thrive.

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Comprehensive TRT & Hormone Titration Consultation

Experience a personalized and comprehensive TRT and Hormone Titration consultation designed to optimize your vitality and well-being. Your visit encompasses:

  • Thorough review of pre-visit lab results

  • Formulation of a diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Prescription of tailored medications with options for pharmacy preferences

  • Instruction on injection techniques

  • Dedicated support for estrogen control and testicular health evaluation

Our expert team ensures every aspect of your hormonal health is addressed with precision and care.

Transparent Pricing & Continued Support

At MYO Men's Health, we believe in transparency and accessibility in healthcare. Our TRT and Hormone Titration services are priced at $150 for the initial visit, with a $100 deposit required beforehand. This deposit is applied to the total visit fee if both doctor and patient decide to proceed with the service.


Follow-up visits are available at a fixed rate of $150, ensuring continuity of care and ongoing support throughout your wellness journey. Rest assured, our team remains dedicated to your well-being, providing holistic care and personalized attention at every step.

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